Carmine State Bank

Carmine State Bank was founded on July 1, 1907 by twenty-six local citizens of Carmine when cotton fields and horse drawn carriages were common sights. The Carmine State Bank received its charter from the Texas Department of Banking, becoming the 269th State Chartered bank. After the 1907 cotton crop was harvested, Carmine State Bank opened its doors on September 3, 1907. On the first day of business, a horseshoe was found at the front of the bank door. The cashier placed the horseshoe over the vault door as a symbol of protection and good luck to the newly formed bank.

And, the horseshoe has fulfilled the wishes of the bank’s founders. The bank continued to grow and prosper over the years, survived financial downturns, while serving the banking needs of the community of Carmine and surrounding areas. The horseshoe later became the official logo of the bank and is today displayed in the bank’s lobby.

While a lot has changed since 1907, one thing which remains is the bank’s desire to serve its community. Many of the customers of Carmine State Bank are second, third or more generation customers.

Today, Carmine State Bank is the 12th oldest state bank operating in Texas. Assets of the bank today exceed $120 Million. Carmine State Bank thanks its many loyal customers, which have contributed to the bank’s many years of success. And, the bank looks forward to serving the banking needs of generations to come.

Graphic that shows images of historic Carmine State Bank buildings and artifacts