• Access your account anytime, 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Make purchases without cash and without writing a check
  • Also works as an ATM card
  • Card includes Chip Technology for advanced fraud protection
  • Use it to purchase goods or services at millions of Visa locations (groceries, gas, etc.)
  • Visa's Zero Liability (see bank for complete disclosure)
  • Purchases are automatically deducted from your Checking Account and detailed on your statement
  • No interest or finance charges for using your card
  • Debit cards available for Checking and Health Savings Accounts


Welcome to a new way to pay!  Enjoy all the beneifts of your Carmine State Bank Visa debit card and pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay at thousands of stores and participating apps.  Image title

Instant Issue Debit Cards

Need your card in a hurry? Carmine State Bank offers Instant Issue debit cards. Instant Issue cards areavailable for new issues and replacement of damaged cards. And, there is no fee for an instant issue card. The bank does require you to make the request for instant issue in person at the bank.

Fraud Prevention

We are always looking out for your account safety and security. In the event suspicious activity is detected, we will contact you by either phone call or text message. If you receive a text message, simply respond if the transaction is your or not. If you are unsure if the text or phone call is legitimate, please contact the bank directly.